THRIVING — Households and Businesses

with complementary community business design:

  • District 6 is a beautiful place. No one wants to see it taken over by sky scrapers or overrun with large shopping complexes or businesses. Let’s focus on creating designs for business districts that will complement our residential areas and highlight the beauty in this district.
  • Focus on plans for the 21st and 21st intersection that will create an area that matches the charm of the neighborhood. With small, local businesses and places for people of all ages to enjoy, a new community business area has the potential to unify our residents and benefit our community. More information on the project can be found here.
  • People love our small business nodes like 9th and 9th, 15th and 15th, 13th and 17th, 21st and 21st, etc. We should continue the trend of designing neighborhoods to cut driving.

Develop a community focused ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN
for well-managed change and growth:

  • Currently, Salt Lake City does not have an economic development plan. A framework has been developed in the past 18 months, called Enterprise SLC. This is exciting and we should also focus on area-specific development to ensure positive economic growth for the small businesses and individuals in District 6.

Protect your pocketbook by USING PUBLIC FUNDING WISELY and efficiently:

  • Prevent property taxes and fees from having negative impacts on homes and businesses.
  • Check up on Salt Lake Utility services to stop hidden fees in our utility bills.
  • Create incentives for families that use solar power, natural gas, and use less water than the city average. Utah is a desert, with a finite amount of water. As we watch California struggle more and more with their drought each year, let’s learn from their mistakes by saving water (and money) before it’s too late.


  • Work with Salt Lake City to streamline the permitting and licensing processes, while also supporting the city’s business loan programs, found here.
  • Local businesses add a richness to our communities, not to mention the economic benefits and increased job opportunities. Let’s create a district that is home to prospering small and local businesses and create guidelines for continued success in the future.

Bring together private and public groups to CREATE ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES
and multi-family construction, and to lower utility rates:

Solar farm at the VA Medical Center
Solar farm at the VA Medical Center
  • We should continue creating a variety of housing stock in our City and District 6 to accommodate our growing population. We need more apartments, condos and small homes for our diverse residents and we should prevent the demolition of houses where larger ones always take their place.
  • Rocky Mountain Power provides the majority of electricity in Salt Lake, and 80% of that power is produced by burning coal. This company’s monopoly needs to be kept in check to ensure that utility rates will not increase and pressure needs to be applied to support the exploration of alternative, more sustainable power sources.
  • Solar panels are great additions to our neighborhoods because they provide sustainable, clean energy. However, the cost of installation is not realistic for all District 6 residents. Subsidizing the solar panel cost and providing tax breaks to citizens that use them in their homes will help in making our air cleaner and our wallets happier.
  • District 6 residents should be aware of the strategies available to them to make their homes safer and healthier for themselves and the world around them. Better building and restoration tips and information on how greener buildings can complement the environment and enhance our communities can be found through the U.S. Green Building Council. We need to be smarter about the materials we are using in our homes and search out new ways to better insulate and weatherproof our homes. Sometimes, pricier investments are worth it in the long run when it comes to making buildings and neighborhoods that are green and sustainable.

AUDIT THE GOOD LANDLORD PROGRAM for effectiveness and efficiency

  • Salt Lake City’s Landlord/Tenant Initiative was instituted to reduce crime and public nuisances, as well as code violations, around rental properties. I’d call for an analysis if the program, now 4 years old, and ensure the costs and burdens for landlords are commensurate with the benefits they receive and tenants receive.


  • Work with neighborhoods, local businesses and organizations to support more neighborhood-level events like farmers markets and community celebrations, as well as fund and create District 6 art elements and gateway features. I’d love to see the community councils and business owners in District 6 come together and organize an event like the 9th and 9th Street Festival.