Don’t move the prison. That’s how I’ve felt all along. It could be rebuilt in place, just like the Salt Lake International Airport is doing. And it doesn’t need to be bigger. How about criminal justice reforms and keeping people out?

It was decided to move it and then it was decided to place it in Salt Lake City, against the wishes of the City Council, Mayor and residents. So, if we’re going to have a prison placed on a not-so-stable footing (both literally and figuratively) , we need to be absolutely sure the City is not on the hook for any costs involved in construction of the facility, including bringing roads and utilities to the site. Also, what about ongoing costs of emergency service response from City police, fire and EMT? There are long-term issues to consider for sure, and our City will continue to be diligent in maintaining our very best interests in this partnership from now into perpetuity.

Also, I’ve heard talk of a potential law suit to stop the prison from coming to Salt Lake and will want to fully understand the implications of that, should our City Council be presented with this option, including how we would pay for it and is it the best use of our resources.

Learn more about the City’s stance here.