SAFE and SECURE – Home, Streets and Community

FIGHT PROPERTY CRIME by increasing community based policing and creating neighborhood watch programs:  I’d like to help all of our communities develop and maintain Neighborhood Watch Programs. The Salt Lake Police Department acknowledges the importance of these programs and encourages them due to their success rates and overall cost efficiency, as seen here. In a 2008 study done by … Continue reading SAFE and SECURE – Home, Streets and Community

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HEALTHY and CLEAN LIVING – Parks, Open Space, Water, Air and Land

Take care and improve the quality of current District 6 PARKS, OPEN SPACE AND RECREATION: Focus on continued upkeep and beautification of District 6 parks, preserves and ecological habitats. This entails reviving and expanding the maintenance budget to keep parks clean and repaired for all to enjoy.  Currently, District 6 has no off-leash dog parks. … Continue reading HEALTHY and CLEAN LIVING – Parks, Open Space, Water, Air and Land

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HOMELESS in our City

To me, this is the biggest issue Salt Lake City faces right now. Our economy is doing well, growth is happening, planning for the future is happening, and groups are coming together to create better solutions for reducing the number of homeless people in our City. I believe a top priority is to provide housing … Continue reading HOMELESS in our City

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Don’t move the prison. That’s how I’ve felt all along. It could be rebuilt in place, just like the Salt Lake International Airport is doing. And it doesn’t need to be bigger. How about criminal justice reforms and keeping people out? It was decided to move it and then it was decided to place it in Salt … Continue reading PRISON RELOCATION

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